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Web Agency | Giovanni Malagnino Consulting

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Web agency with full service

Assign us the realization of your site, we take care of everything! Our web agency is focused on its customers and assists you throughout the creative process. So you won’t have any bad surprises!

Our services

As a complete web agency, we can offer you the conception, design, hosting, domain name purchase, full integration according to your requirements, as well as regular maintenance. Ask us for a quote!


For you, with you, our web agency takes care of creating a site to your measure, according to your needs and your criteria. A site that looks like you and that will promote your services or products in an optimal way.


Your site must be easy to find, fast, secure and responsive. While more than 50% of visits today are made from a mobile device, this reality must be integrated without it being an option. Our SEO services will put your site on the map!

Follow-up and optimisation

Your site is created and online, that’s good! Monitoring and maintenance, two often neglected aspects, are an integral part of our service during the first months of your site’s life.




Support and assistance

Free quote

Web marketing

Quality websites

Our philosophy is to constantly seek customer satisfaction. Because a quality site must meet the needs of its owner. Our policy pushes us to seek innovative solutions, to make the difference.

We also design for mobile platforms

Today, 53% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This reality must therefore not be neglected, which is why the websites we develop are 100% compatible with mobile platforms.

We want your site to work everywhere

It’s no secret that a slow site is not appreciated by users. We optimize every detail and audit your site to ensure it is easily accessible, even from the slowest networks. We also make sure that most browsers, even older ones, can access your site’s content.

Our trademark

Process and workflow

In order to ensure the conformity of our work, we have established exclusive processes and work flows that will ensure development on time and within budget. We thus avoid the unpleasant surprises that sometimes arise during the delivery of a project.

Our web agency’s own workflow is based on the active participation of our clients throughout the creation process. In this way, any potential discrepancies can be identified more quickly and can be corrected without significant effort.
Mission statement
Drawing up a set of specifications that will serve as a basis for work
Creation and presentation of a template that will allow you to approve the main guidelines and graphic identity of your site.
Creation and development of the site in accordance with the specifications and the defined model
Development of the functionalities of the site according to the specifications. For example: e-commerce, payment systems, blog, forum

Let’s work together!

We create your website in total collaboration with you. Our objective: your satisfaction. The image of your company or your activity must be fully recognisable on your site.

Contact us!

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