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WordPress plugin to hide priceless products

WooCommerce Hide Priceless Products

Hide Products without price

It is not uncommon for an online store to have several hundred, or even thousands of products. Among these, for different reasons, it is possible that there are some whose price has not been filled. For example, if the products were imported from a vendor’s file, or simply because of an oversight or error. You may not know the price of the product immediately when it is published.

WooCommerce’s options do not allow you to hide products without price. That’s why I created this plugin! Hide Priceless Products is a free plugin.

Hide products whose price is 0

The plugin also allows you to hide products whose price is 0. Products that are not priced or that the price equals zero may not be of interest to your customers. Hide them easily with this plugin! You can effortlessly hide priceless product or products whose price equals zero. The plugin is very little intrusive, you will find its settings in the Products section of WooCommerce settings.

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